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Water Softners


Water Softeners

water softner

Standard Features

The SF-200F Series water softener is designed specifically to remove high levels of dissolved solids that create “hard water” conditions, principally Calcium and Magnesium. These systems have a very high operating capacity, which make them ideal for most commercial and industrial applications Hotels and Motels Schools Apartment Buildings Resorts Restaurants Office Buildings Factories Nursing Homes Laundries Car Washes Beauty Shops Boiler Feed Water Standard Features 7 day time clock 115V/1Ph/60Hz Premium fiberglass mineral tank All brass, motor driven control valve with fully adjustable regeneration cycles Operating pressure: 30 - 125 psi (2 - 8.5 bars) Operating temperature: 35 - 1000 F (2 - 380 C) Self-adjusting backwash controller Flow controller to limit backwash flow Timed brine refill control High exchange capacity polystyrene resin Rigid polyethylene brine tank with safety brine valve, dust cover, and tubing Available Options 12 day time clock Meter control Tanks according to ASME code Epoxy lined or galvanized steel tanks 240V/1Ph/50Hz Additional micro switch for interlock Twin units using system 5, 6, or 7 interlock wiring Inlet / Outlet sample valves Inlet / Outlet pressure gauges Systems using diaphragm valves Hot water applications Systems for nitrate removal Vacuum breaker